Dead Trigger: Pulling the Trigger to Survive

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is a first person shooter game that puts you in the role of a survivor who is trying to escape the recent zombie apocalypse. Fight your way through countless undead creatures using different types of firearms, both real and fictional. Amass numerous weapons to help you dispose of any zombified opposition as you discover the truth behind the outbreak.

The Survivor’s Story

A zombie outbreak has taken the whole world, the end of the human race is near and you are one of the few remaining survivors. After being helped by a group of people having fended off a pack of zombies, you come across New Hope. This group of organized survivors, is the last “hope” for the human race. Their leader, Julian Lasagne recognizes your potential and welcomes you to the group, in exchange for your services of course. As a member of New Hope, you are given different missions and tasks, in exchange for rewards such as cash, gold and casino tokens. The missions you undertake vary, from simply killing a certain number of zombies, to defending the gates while a group of survivors escape – pretty much everything involves killing the undead.

As you continue to aid New Hope, you discover numerous bits of information and meet certain characters who shed new light on the truth behind the zombie outbreak that took everything from you and almost wiped the human race from the face of the planet. Our hero continues to unravel the real cause of the outbreak as he persists in fighting for his own survival.

Looking Death in the Eye

When we first  laid our eyes on Dead Trigger, we could not believe the quality of the visuals being shown on our Android phone. The game looks on par with some of the games we normally play on the PC or on our Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. At first we thought that it was because of our phone’s smaller screen, but after playing the game on a 10 inch Tablet, we became true fans of Dead Trigger’s outstanding graphics. Pretty much everything in the game’s visual presentation is top-notch.

Dead Trigger runs at a very stable frame rate. Even if the screen gets filled with dozens of zombies, the game hardly breaks a sweat. While this could just be because of the specs of our devices, still the game is well developed to take full advantage of current iOS and Android devices on the market today. For those who are unfortunate enough to experience frame rate hiccups or slowdown, you can adjust Dead Trigger’s visual quality in the Settings Menu.

In terms of design, the game offers a lot of variation when it comes to the undead enemies you face throughout it. There are even special zombies that only appear in event stages such as the Halloween and Christmas themed missions. The zombies in the game are not just varied but graphically detailed as well. Each zombie in the game consists of enough polygons and textures to give them that menacing look we all come to expect from these flesh-munching monsters.

The areas and locations in the game are well designed and highly detailed. While most of them are not exactly new to the eyes, they are exactly what we would expect to see in an apocalyptic world infested by zombies. The only complaint we have with Dead Trigger’s environments is the lack of player interactivity. There is hardly anything to interact with in the game’s stages, except those occasional gas tanks that we normally see in zombie themed games.

Groans of Hunger

Dead Trigger’s audio presentation does not offer anything new. If you have played zombie themed games before then you will have pretty much everything the game has to give. The only thing remotely new in the game in terms of audio effects is the main character’s timely and often funny side comments. These witty remarks actually gives the hero of Dead Trigger some needed personality, which for us is a great touch since the hero does not get much of a background story in the game.

The game’s music is decent to say the least, while it is not entirely memorable or catchy, it is not annoying at least and does not sound out of place. The music just blends in with the game while you play it, and it does not add or detract from the game’s overall experience.

Surviving the Onslaught

Since Dead Trigger is a true first person shooter developed for iOS and Android devices, we are not surprised to see it use a similar format to the twin-stick touch control system. The new control scheme works pretty well with the game, apart from the aiming, which can be pretty hard at times since the shoot and aim actions are mapped separately on the touch screen. You basically have to use two fingers on your left hand if you want to shoot more accurately in the game, and to avoid accidentally wasting bullets from firing out of your gun whilst aiming. The controls are not a big issue though and you will adapt to them quickly.

To survive, you will need a lot of equipment and items to help you defeat the game’s zombie population. Dead Trigger provides you with more than a dozen types of guns, ability enhancing items and other character equipable gear. Players can choose from handguns, rifles, a crossbow and even futuristic firearms that are not available in this world. Most of the guns in the game are locked at the beginning and can only be bought after reaching a certain rank in the game. Unlocking the purchasable firearms is not an issue since you can easily increase your character’s rank just by playing the regular missions in the game. The real problem is buying the guns themselves, since a lot of them – especially the really cool ones, are only purchasable with Gold, Dead Trigger’s premium currency. While the game is still pretty enjoyable without the use of premium weapons and items, it is a bit disappointing that a lot of the things in Dead Trigger costs real money. Get ready to be bombarded with in-game ads telling you of new promos involving the premium items in the game.

One of the things we really love about Dead Trigger is the strategy involving certain zombie enemies. Most zombie games, especially shooter games, only have regular zombies that you can easily kill with regular means. They might look different but they are all the same in terms of gameplay. In Dead Trigger, there are special zombies that you must look out for, since they have unique abilities that most regular zombies do not have. We enjoy facing the Kevlar wearing zombies in the game since they require you to make a headshot in order to kill them since their heads are the only vulnerable thing.

Up Close and Personal

There is a game mechanic in Dead Trigger that totally caught us by surprise. Normally, when a zombie gets too close to you in a game they either attack you directly with their arms, or grab you, and try to bite you. When a zombie grabs you in Dead Trigger, a mini-game triggers and you have a chance to push the zombie away if you can tap all the buttons on the screen during the allotted time. We found this game mechanic really cool since it shows the enemies up close, with their glowing eyes and blood filled mouths - which is a horrific sight.

Getting Around the City

You can gain access to the different areas and game modes in Dead Trigger via a 3D map. Locations such as New Hope’s Headquarters, Survival Arena, Casino, Shop and Post Office are all accessible on the game’s map. Missions are posted directly on the map and are categorized for easy identification. Whether the mission is a sidequest or a story event, a corresponding icon will appear on the mission flag together with a number of skulls, which represents the mission’s difficulty level. Keep your eyes open for the Daily Rewards mission, the one that shows a gold bullion icon instead of the regular mission icon. These special event missions give hefty rewards if you can manage to accomplish them. We advise checking for any new Daily Rewards events since they are a good source of income in the game.

Hitting the Slots

You can play on a slot machine at the Casino to get a chance to win big prizes such as Gold as well as cash. You will need Tokens or Casino chips in order to play a round. These tokens can be earned as a reward for doing well in a mission, can be found as treasures in the game, or be purchased just like the game’s other premium currency, Gold. Collecting casino tokens is not that hard, since they are not that rare to get and if you are really lucky, you might win the Grand Prize in the Casino and won’t need to use one ever again.

The Gladiator of the Arena

If you are running low on funds or if you want to play through a series of truly challenging missions of survival, then by all means enter the Arena. You can test your skills and earn money at the same time, while improving your skills in the game. Special event missions are also added here from time to time by the developer, such as the recent Christmas and Halloween themed missions.

Surviving the Outbreak alone

One of the few, but greatest flaws of Dead Trigger is the lack of multiplayer options. Pretty much all shooter games developed these days, whether it is a First Person Shooter (FPS) or a Third Person Shooter (TPS), have a multiplayer mode. The developer should have been aware of this from the beginning and it was not like they had a problem with setting up a host for the game online. The experience of playing Dead Trigger could have been more complete and satisfying if we had the pleasure of playing it with others. Hopefully, the developer will add a multiplayer option via update, or game patch in the near future.


Dead Trigger is a game that truly shows that iOS and Android developed games are already catching up with PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 games in terms of visual quality. The game is a fine example of what mobile devices can do when it comes to gaming. Whilst shortcomings such as troublesome controls and the lack of a multiplayer mode continues to haunt Dead Trigger, these are not valid reasons for anyone to pass this highly fun and enjoyable zombie shooter.