Resident Evil 6 is All About Memorable Moments

resident evil 6

Console games take plenty of hours to play and finish -and gamers enjoy that. But when they talk about games, they cite specific events and sequences that have only lasted for a few minutes. These memorable times are the ones that prove to be exciting, cleverly written, incredibly funny, overly dramatic, or just simply so important that it leaves a lasting impression. Most good games have several moments like that. So how does a game end up as a favorite? When it has a lot of it! Resident Evil 6 is more than just the 6th sequel to a series of games. It is also a landmark title that brings out the best of the series from the beginning to the present, linking up old characters and new ones to form a cohesive and interesting storyline.

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Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved for Help Asks "How Far Would You Go to Survive?"

The Walking Dead Episode 2

Morality, principles, common sense -these may be the very aspects of one's individuality and humanity, but how long will one stand by these when everything that is sensible and logical has been thrown out the window? This is the deep rooted question that lies in the shadow of Telltale Game's second episode for the Walking Dead. Aptly titled: "Starved for Help", the second act of this spine-tingling drama of a game confronts players with the harsh truths of living in a world without proper socioeconomic systems, breaking down every single factor till it all boils down to the most common question of survival -where to get food?

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How Telltale's The Walking Dead: A New Day Changed Interactive Storytelling

the walking dead episode 1

Video games, the first true form of interactive storytelling to ever exist; the industry has gone a long way over the past few decades in terms of hardware technology. But that is not the only thing that has improved -game developers, writers, creative teams, and basically everyone behind the creation of a single game; they too have changed, not just for the new technology, but also for their audiences. Last 2012, Telltale Game's Walking Dead series of interactive stories set a new standard for cinematic delivery, and it continues to impress players with its visuals, gameplay, and of course, narrative. So what made it so special? Let us take a look at the very first part of this five-game wonder-fest.

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Dead Trigger: Pulling the Trigger to Survive

Dead Trigger

The prophesied day of the apocalypse has come, but it is not by plague or a falling celestial body does mankind’s existence end. The human race will perish at the bloody hands of the walking dead. You must fight to survive in order to keep the world from falling entirely into chaos as the zombies march to the last remaining haven for humans. Become the beacon of hope for the last surviving humans on earth as you battle your way through hordes of flesh-hungry zombies in this shooter game designed exclusively for iOS and Android devices.

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